Motivating interview about Fire Walking?!

Motivating interview about Fire Walking?!
Company director, Georgia Sheehan (owner of Perth Colon Health and Wellness Centre), promotes fire walking!
Firstly, how do you two know each other?

{Georgia} We were both crewing at a Tony Robbins, Unleash the Power Within seminar, a couple years ago in Sydney.

So now, tell me Hament, what is fire walking?! 

{Hament}  How may times have you wanted to start a new business and thought its not possible or have better health and deep down thought that’s not possible?When we think about the fire walk, the same beliefs will show up.The limiting beliefs, I can’t do it, FEAR! Its not about the fire. The fire is the tool.

We train you how to walk. How to focus.

When you walk and breakthrough the old beliefs, imagine how you will feel?And then what would be possible in your relationships?What’s possible with your career? What’s possible in your life?

What makes it different from other personal development events? 

{Hament}  The firewalking event is about The Power of Experience. When someone tells us about their experience we never quite understand it and don’t really have a reference to action the learnings in real life.  At the fire walking together we get to experience taking Massive Action and Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs and Fears. This is also an opportunity to network with and connect with people who are not only committed to change but ready to take action.

Georgia, have you attended a fire walking event?

 {Georgia} I was on the crew 2 years ago for the firewalk with Tony Robbins. I have been lucky enough to do the fire walk 3 times…and each time it was an incredible experience.

I am really looking forward to joining in Hament’s fire walk in May :)

Hament, what started this passion for Fire Walking?  And why Perth?

 {Hament}  I turned up in 2003 at an Anthony Robbins fire walking event in London. No one told me about the fire walk until I turned up….I was running all these horror movies in my head about what would happen and it hadn’t even happened yet!  The walk was life changing for me.  After the event I sold my first business and started to live my dreams. Interestingly, my first step was to bid for an island in the Maldives!  You can read more about this journey in Hament’s new co-authored best selling book, “You Can Live the Life of Your Dreams”

I am one, of only two, certified fire walking instructors in Australia, the only one based in W.A. and not doing firewalks!!    A couple of friends of mine in Portugal and Mexico were sharing amazing stories of transformation through their fire walking seminars.  And this inspired me to start up these seminars for the wonderful people in Perth.  Here’s the link to Hament’s friend, David Laurence, in Mexico shared which inspired me to take action in W.A.   click here

Georgia, would you recommend investing into an event with Hament? 

{Georgia} Yes I would 100% endorse Hament. Hament would have to be one of the most genuine and giving persons I have met. Hament is very passionate about life and helping others, his positive attitude is infectious and his energy is amazing.. I have no hesitation in investing my time and money in what Hament is sharing and teaching.  I will be there in May!

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